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Please call our Customer Service Center at (970) 569-7409 with any billing questions.

Steadman Philippon Surgery Center strives to provide the highest quality of services to our patients, including during the billing and payment processes. Our financial team is here to assist you with the billing process, to help you understand your bills, and to support you in making your plan to pay for your health care expenses.

Please review our Financial Assistance Program to determine if you may qualify for this service.


Save on Costs with our Out-of-Network Policy

Our temporary Out-of-Network Policy can help you save money on your care.

As a brand-new ambulatory surgery center in the Roaring Fork Valley, Steadman Philippon Surgery Center is offering patients a limited-time out-of-network option to receive your care at our facility. Utilizing your health insurance plan’s out-of-network benefits, we will provide your care at the same cost to you as if we were in-network with your health insurance plan.

Please review the frequently asked questions about our Out-of-Network Policy.


No Surprise Medical Bills

We also fully support the “No Surprise Medical Bills” act and always work to provide accurate patient bills. Learn more about your patient rights as it relates to the “No Surprise Medical Bills”.


Customer Service Center
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM MST
Phone: (970) 569-7409
Fax: (970) 470-6604
Online: Pay Your Bill Online
Mail: PO Box 6620, Vail, CO 81658

Services Billed Separately
Steadman Philippon Surgery Center does not bill patients for the following services:
  • Aspen Anesthesia
  • Aspen Valley Hospital
  • Durable Medical Equipment (such as Breg or Med Vantage)
  • Home Oxygen Vendors (such as Lincare or AlpinAire)
  • The Steadman Clinic
*This is not an exhaustive list
Understanding Your Insurance Coverage Before You Seek Care
Understanding your insurance coverage can help you navigate your care options and avoid unnecessary bills. If you need assistance determining your co-pay requirements, please review your health insurance card, call your insurance company, or call our Insurance Verification Team representatives at (970) 569-7595.
Our Process for Billing Your Insurance Company
It is the patient’s responsibility to provide complete insurance information to Steadman Philippon Surgery Center’s Insurance Verification Team before or at the time of service. Upon receipt of patient insurance information, we will submit bills to the primary insurance company on the patient’s behalf. After payment is received from the primary insurance, we will submit to a secondary insurance company, if applicable.

Patient insurance policies are a contract between you and your carrier. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure full payment of your bill. If we do not receive payment from your insurance company within 45 days of the billing date, it is the patient’s responsibility to contact their carrier to resolve the payment delay.

If you were unable to provide complete billing information at the time of service, please provide the information to our Customer Service Center via phone within 48 hours of your appointment. For more information regarding billing, please call (970) 569-7409.
Patient Payment Options
Patient payment is expected at the time services are rendered. This includes payment for estimated co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and fees for non-covered services. For patients whose financial responsibility exceeds what was collected at the time of service – you may use the Online Bill Pay portal to pay the remainder of your account balance.

Steadman Philippon Surgery Center offers payment plan options for patients who are unable to pay their bill in full at the time of service. For payment plan information please call (970) 569-7595.

Online: Pay your bill online by using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal check/ACH.
Mail: Pay by personal check at: PO Box 6620, Vail, CO 81658.
In-person: Patients are also welcome to visit our offices to discuss a bill or pay in person: 320 Beard Creek Rd., Edwards, CO 81632. Our office hours are 8:00AM – 4:30PM, Monday - Friday.
Financial Counseling Services
Financial assistance is available for patients who meet eligibility criteria regarding annual household income and assets. Please call the Steadman Philippon Surgery Center financial counselors at (970) 569-7409 if you do not have health insurance and do not have sufficient funds to pay in full for your services at the time of your appointment. View our Financial Assistance Program.

Billing & Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How does the billing process work?
Once your surgery is scheduled, a Steadman Philippon Surgery Center insurance verification specialist will contact your insurance company to obtain a list of your coverage benefits. The insurance verification specialist will then prepare and provide you with an estimate of your financial responsibility based on this information. Payment for the estimate of patient financial responsibility is due prior to or at the time of service and includes costs for co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and fees for non-covered expenses.

Please note that it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to confirm benefit and cost information with their insurance carrier; we provide this estimate process as a courtesy to our patients. Patients may also be required to provide supplemental information to their carrier in order to properly process their claim.
After your procedure, Steadman Philippon Surgery Center will bill your insurance carrier and based on your coverage and the amount you paid prior to surgery, you may not have any financial responsibility, additional financial responsibility, or you may receive a refund.
What are the payment options for individuals without insurance?
Patients using the self-pay option are required to pay for their services in full prior to their procedure. Please contact (970) 569-7595 with any questions regarding self-pay cost estimates. Please note that all quotes provided to the patient are estimates only.
What is the billing process for Workers’ Compensation coverage?
The workers' compensation carrier must provide verbal authorization or a letter of authorization to Steadman Philippon Surgery Center for any patient whose injury is work-related. To guarantee proper claim filing, the carrier’s authorization must include a valid claim number or case number, the date of the injury, a carrier representative’s contact name and phone number, and the billing address.
Why did I receive a bill from the Surgery Center if I have already paid a bill with my physician?
Steadman Philippon Surgery Center issues fees for utilization of the surgery center facility. The fee which you paid to your physician’s office only covers the physician’s charges. Other services which you may be charged independently for, include, but are not limited to:
  • Anesthesia
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • Pathology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Equipment
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