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Does Steadman Philippon Surgery Center provide interpretation services for patients?
Yes, please view our Free Language Services here.

Where is Steadman Philippon Surgery Center located within the building?
Entering through the building’s main entrance at the intersection of Robinson Street and Reed Street, proceed through the lobby to the elevators located on your left. Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and the entrance to Steadman Philippon Surgery Center will be directly across from you as you exit the elevator.

What time should I arrive at Steadman Philippon Surgery Center for my scheduled procedure?
Please contact your referring physician’s office with questions regarding surgery times and patient arrival.

What does the term “ambulatory surgery center” (ASC) mean?
An ambulatory surgery center, or ASC, is a facility which provides out-patient surgical care. An alternative to traditional hospital-based surgery, ASC’s are growing in popularity throughout the United States and are recognized for providing high-quality, safe and affordable care with patient outcomes which surpass those of their comparable hospital-based services.

Who are the Steadman Philippon Surgery Center’s patients?

Colorado locals and global visitors alike, our patients are anyone who is seeking care for orthopaedic and sports medicine conditions who has been determined to be eligible to have their surgery or procedure performed at an ASC by their physician. 

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