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Steadman Philippon Surgery Center is located at 200 Robinson Street, Basalt, CO 81621.

We are excited to welcome you to our valley! Below we’ve provided information and resources to help you plan your stay in Basalt.

Getting to Basalt

Steadman Philippon Surgery Center is located in Willits Town Center, on Colorado State Highway 82 in Basalt, CO.

The town of Basalt is located in Eagle and Pitkin Counties and is served by several airports with services from select cities in the U.S.
For national and international flight services, Denver International Airport is approximately 200 miles east of Basalt and provides connecting flights to the airports above. Car rentals and taxi services are available from most airports.


Weather & Altitude

At an elevation of 6,611 feet above sea level, the air in Basalt contains less oxygen than the air at lower elevations. If possible, arriving to Basalt with extra time ahead of your procedure will allow your body a chance to slowly adjust to the change in elevation. Patients are also encouraged to drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages prior to their procedure. For more information on adjusting to higher altitudes, read "How to Stay Healthy at High Altitude."

Located in the Rocky Mountains, the temperature and weather in Basalt can change suddenly and we encourage visitors to check weather forecasts and pack plenty of warm clothes and layers for their stay.

The sun is very powerful in our thin mountain air, so it is important to apply sunscreen and use sunglasses, even during the winter months.


Lodging in Basalt

Many patients travel to Steadman Philippon Surgery Center for their procedure and stay to recover in our stunning Roaring Fork Valley. For hotel and lodging options in the Basalt area, please visit the Basalt Chamber of Commerce.
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